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The Dead Case and The Phone

I just remembered another flash game I had fun with some time ago, The Dead Case. ETA: Alternate link hereIt’s pretty self explanatory really. You must solve the mystery of your own death, while helping other lost, hapless souls along the way to win their cooperation. There is a FAQ for the game if you are really stuck. (ETA: look in the game itself, those hints are more than sufficient) Enjoy!

Another very simple, but neat game is The Phone. I like it. You have to find the next number to dial in order to progress to the next page, it’s hidden within the interactive page. Answer the phone to begin.


Cute and Funny Videos

Prepare to overdose on cuteness with Edwidge Dandicat and the Snuggle bear! Edwidge now has a good home with a loving little boy.

Better not misbehave, or the chicken constabulary will get on your case! This video is one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen, but funny.

Snoring cats! ‘Nuff said.

Naked Rabbit’s Cat Head Theatre cracks me up! Thanks for the laugh, NR.

Unemployed Skeletor’s video blog of evil by kevinconn has some comic potential too. I especially like his Holiday edition, (even though he does step out of character for a second or two) and this one.

The Crimson Room Series

I’ve been considering posting about these games for some time, by Fasco-cs games and Takagism. They have gotten better as they progress, in my opinion. In order they are The Crimson Room, this one has a bit of a pixel hunt, but it’s still a good game. The Viridian Room is better, and a bit wistful I think. The Blue Chamber is neat, and The White Chamber is too. How quickly can you escape? If you are really stuck, check the gamershood forums, or the Escape the Room Blog’s entries on the games for walkthroughs/hints.

Griswold the Goblin

Griswold the Goblin! This is a cute game, and fun to play. I had a lot of fun with it. You do have to do things in a certain order though. Here is a gamershood topic on this game, if you are stuck and only want a nudge or two. The comments found here have at least one spoilered walkthrough.

A Very Nice Flash Adventure Game

I highly recommend trying Aquaria if you like adventure/puzzle games. (ETA:Alternate link here, if that link gives out, here is the Escape Games 24 entry on it.)    It’s truly a work of art. The symbols and surroundings are beautiful, and the puzzles are fun. I hope the creator continues this story soon, I eagerly await the next installment. If you get really, really stuck, you can consult this topic at the gamer’s hood forums for a clue or two. Have fun, and please post to share how you enjoyed the game too, if you are so inclined!

An Experimental Flash Game

Here is a really cool game I discovered some time back. It learns your methods as you play, so it stays challenging. Flow.  Your goal is to eat, and avoid being eaten. Left click and hold to move faster, move the mouse to move your critter. The turquoise beacon things send you up to the lighter waters, the red beacons send you down into the darker waters, which are richer hunting grounds. Eventually you will encounter a “boss” so eat well!

Martyn Bennett

I really enjoy Martyn Bennett’s works. He is someone I wish I could have met. Here is his website, which his mother Karl Mariner is still maintaining. He helped forge the Celtic Fusion sound. You can hear soundclips from his albums, as well as watch videos on the media -> videos page. I really like the third video, (6/08 ETA: It is currently the fourth video there now.  The one played at King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut is the one I mean.)  the song is “Spree” from his album Hardland. One of my favorite songs by him is still “Tongues of Kali”. If I had to choose a theme song for myself, that would most likely be it. I recently read Myths and Legends of Our Own Land on Project Gutenberg and enjoyed it. I’m reading Folklore and Legends Scotland next. 


ETA: Apologies for the exceedingly tardy correction.