I was thinking back to how I’d learned to play piano as a kid. I was sort of “self taught” and sort of had lessons. Mom showed me the basics, and would mentor me from time to time, but largely I just cracked open one of the various piano lesson books we had and worked on mastering the pieces. That was an excellent purchase, I don’t even remember who bought the books, but I offer grateful thanks. They were at a garage sale held by the relatives of a retired piano teacher neighbor who had passed away. Anyway, mom had a book of various pieces that were more difficult than the lessons that I’d try. I was able to play the piece in this YouTube video. I did my fingerwork as well, but my pedalwork was better IMO. I couldn’t do the variations of this compostion, just the first part which is played in the video. I could play other pieces as well. I would like to take up piano again, some day. I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t too bad, though I knew I wasn’t exceptional. I played for the love of making music.

J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavichord


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