Monthly Archives: April 2007

Another insidiously addictive game

Here is a game someone on a message board pointed out. It *seems* easy enough at first. Just click to cause a chain reaction at the right time to “pop” the required number of dots, or more if you can. Boy, the final level though… 51/55 50/55 52/55 54/55… (You need 55 out of 60 for level 12) ARGH! I did finally beat it. One of the most frustrating things for me, was how the dots would randomly slow down, or speed up. You can’t accurately predict when they will do this, and it is *usually* when you don’t want it. That, and it’s also somewhat random when the dot’s ripple will deflate. The music and sound go very well together, and the game does hook you in. And just let me say “OMG, the colors are neat!” too. Let me also add, that until someone I know gets a score like the top scores displayed, I’ll continue to believe that at least half the top scorers are hackers. I just got 260 for a score, which isn’t my best, but it isn’t too bad either. Boomshine