Here is the entire image I want to use as my profile picture.  For some reason, WordPress is insisting on cropping it.  I’ll probably have to find a different image.  Argh!  I’ll post the resized version, and the last one I just tried to put on my profile.  The images are of a mobile I made for my parents some time back.  It has twelve strands, and was made using different sorts of glass beads and floral wire.  (Knotting the floral wire around the beads to hold them in place *just so* was time consuming!)  I was going on the idea of the children’s book in which a young mouse keeps his brothers and sisters warm and happy through the winter with his stories, giving them the gift of color in the midst of Winter’s drabness.  I wanted to bring color into their house, suspended in drops on beams of sunlight. 

 Mobile  (Link to full sized image of picture just below.)

not resized

Here are some more images of the mobile I made.  The wind kept tangling the strands.  That is my husband holding the mobile.  I’m too short. 




2 responses to “Bah

  1. It looks very nice, I like it.

    How long did it take you alltogether?

  2. I am thinking it took half a day to complete. I started on it early in the day, and it was late afternoon/evening when I finished. It was the first mobile I’d ever made that way, and I was learning how to tie the beads on the floral wire as I went.

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