Beethoven’s Hair

Here is a neat flashgame I found on Jay is Games a little while back, Beethoven’s Hair.  It’s really neat, but it takes a  little patience at some of the stop overs since if you don’t work to keep your cursor from wandering off you’ll miss some of the dialog.  It’s a romantically semi-historical look at Beethoven, and his works.    The ending drifts off into fanciful romance, but the rest is accurate as far as I know.  Here is the main site, giving more facts on Beethoven’s life and works.  

Note: I put the Art tag on this entry because the game uses famous paintings in it, as does the site that hosts the game.  Go see for yourself.  Also, the graphics work in it are quite nice, artistically done.  It is interesting to see how Beethoven was portrayed in paintings throughout his life. 


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