Musical Interlude

Here is the latest cornucopia of songs I’ve been enjoying lately, in no particular order. 

KT Turnstall – Hold On  Wonderful jazzy voice, very catchy song, and thoughtful lyrics.  She said in an interview (paraphrasing) it was a nod to Bob Marley’s work. 

Alicia Keys – No One  I can’t decide which I like more in this song, the potent vocalizations, or the most excellent keyboards.  (I especially like the synthesizer riff that starts after about 35 seconds, and I love the music box piano melody.  Love the classical influences using the funky synthesizer also.)  This song has a delicious swing to it, as well. 

La Lupe El Carbonero and La Salve Plena   I saw a PBS special about her life and work.  She was a fascinating performer, and I don’t understand how some people could say she couldn’t sing.  She practiced Santeria for much of her life, and watching some of her performances you really wonder if she wasn’t in a trance and being moved by a Saint at times.  (I can understand enough Spanish to get a bit of the gist of the second song, and the PBS special played the first song with subtitles.)

Regina Spektor – Better  I’d heard and enjoyed this song some time ago, when I first discovered Regina Spektor’s whimsy.  This video is new.  (ETA: I love her dress in this.)  One of the things I like about Regina Spektor’s videos is, you find yourself watching them again to catch the nuances, and pondering just what it all means.  That’s art. 

Leann Rimes – What I Cannot Change  I love the cello in this.  This is a nice ballad.  Her style has matured a lot, she evokes emotion well. 

A song by an artist who goes by the name of Buddy has caught my ear.  For now, you can hear it on his MySpace page, Say A Lot.  I like the way he plays the guitar, and the song is wistful. 

 Finally, Beethoven’s Symphony #3, Eroica has been pleasantly playing for me at times, due to it’s mention in the flashgame Beethoven’s Hair. 


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