Pictures taken with a disposable camera

Here are some pictures I took of a September sunset, and some spiders in their web during the night. These spiders are cool, they build webs under trees, so that the wind will bring insects into them. We saw a web one night that used an ingenius method, a hanging leaf had been snared/tethered to hang freely and work as a counterweight because it was too far from the trunk to anchor to, and not close enough to the ground or anything else also.

For more pictures taken with a disposable camera, see my previous post here. 


5 responses to “Pictures taken with a disposable camera

  1. a disposable camera?! I’m impressed! Webs are such tricky things to photograph at the best of times.
    Thanks for posting these. Keep meandering with your camera in your hand. It’s good to see what you notice

  2. Having a little LED flashlight (the kind you crank) helped. That’s why the shadow is cast that way on the one. It was after dark when they were taken, we wanted to give the spiders time to have the webs made. Timing the photos so the wind wasn’t blowing the webs too much was interesting. Look at all the bugs the second spider caught! I also got some kind of bug flying in that shot.

    I don’t know how the others of the webs I took with just the flash came out, the photo place only developed maybe 1/4 of the images on the film. I think that’s the camera that got knocked off the desk by one of the cats, and maybe it cracked open and exposed most of the film and ruined the images? I figure I’m lucky I got those.

  3. What brand of disposable camera was it?

  4. really engaging post here.

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