Vanessa Mae

I’ve liked Vanessa Mae for some time.  Her passion is infectious.  Some discredit her because she isn’t afraid to be sexy, but they are forgetting she puts Classical music within reach of the common man.  She has found a way to reach people who wouldn’t ordinarily play Classical music.  I like her blending of classical and modern music styles.  I’ve found several of her videos at YouTube and will list them here.  Some of these videos I am listing soley for the music, not the videos themselves. 

Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue

Devil’s Trill  (I *love* the gown she wears in this!)

Storm  Her passion in this really shows, and she works the stage like a rock star. 

I’m Doun For Lack of Johnny   (She actually has a lovely voice.) 

Destiny   Rather techno, but still beautiful violin playing.  I like the fabric of her gown in this video, also.    

ETA this one: Classical Gas   I find the choreography the dancers did at her Royal Albert Hall concert (Both this video and Tocattoa and Fugue were recorded during that concert, her “Red Hot” tour.) to be odd cavorting.  I don’t find putting dancers into the production so odd, but why make the dancing so awkward?

Second “Edited to Add” this one as well:  Red Hot  That gown suits her, the color looks good on her. 

Laughing Buddha  Posted for the song. 

Danse Macabre    I am posting the link only for the song, I’ve never watched that anime, though when I looked it up it looked interesting and the song definitely fits the clips.

White Bird I posted this video for the song alone, (It had the Airscape mix I prefer.) when I read the comments I decided I didn’t want to see a plane wreck so I didn’t watch the video, only listened to the song. 


4 responses to “Vanessa Mae

  1. Dear Kat…

    I am replying here, rather than the “Crime Log” site-blog for Wendy Dusca homicide.

    First I would like to address your “Shame on you…” comment:

    NO ONE has the power to make anyone feel anything without their permission-consent. That permission-consent does not have to be conscious, or aggressive/overt. It can be passive/covert and unconscious. So if anyone is feeling guilty about something I said, well maybe its because they are? That old “guilt-trip” saying is exactly that, a trip.

    I knew Trevor for @ 14 months…and felt something like this might happen. That’s why many friends and I consistently told his old gfriend to “leave this loser” in a calm supportive manner. To save her life from the daily living abuse she was subjected to from him!

    As far as your comment that people have to be wanting to quit-get clean themselves first; well that is just a misguided thought of far too many people! That is a carry over anthem from the early years of alcohol recovery. When drugs are involved, you don’t have till someone is 45-50-55 years old to “hit bottom”(average age of person in treatment in 1985 was 47 years old…avg in 2000 was 30), lose everything gradually over time, get physically sick, and “WANT HELP”!

    In 1988, when cocaine addicts were 60-70% of the admissions to tx centers and hospitals, we used to teach in hospital lectures that “if you wait until the drug addict hits bottom, like we did with the alkies, they are most likely going to be dead or in jail for a long long time for some serious crime!”. Hmmmmmm…sound familiar with Treavor? Only 30 yrs old!

    Drug addicts don’t hit bottoms! They self destruct! And sometimes, like this time, others go down in flames with them….

    That “You have to wait for them to want recovery bad enough” is a fatally flawed thought and plan!

    I have treated over 3000 addicts in my 10 years (retired-burned out) as a Counselor and Treatment director. A minimum of 95% of ALL THOSE CLIENTS where drugs of any kind were involved (100% for meth & cocaine), they DID NOT THINK THEY NEEDED HELP/TREATMENT/INPATIENT CARE NOR DID THEY WILLINGLY WANT TO BE/STAY THERE!
    So, I guess we should have sent them all home and said, “You know, we don’t think you are really ready right now, because, you don’t really seem to want this right now.”. Is that what we “shoulda-woulda-coulda” done?

  2. Cont:…sorry, its late!

    (ps: When I worked in the 28 day Hospital environment, you could keep the alkies as long as you wanted…they had the lowest AMA (against medical advice-leaving w/o discharge) rate of any group. Meth-Speed-Cokers would leave like clockwork at the fisrt 7 day crash!)

    I respect what you have said, yet I have to express my experience in this field and your apparent lack of it. No disrepect personally (don’t get low self esteem now….lol…don’t have the power ;-)), I don’t know how to fix cars, yet I still have an opinion on the problem/solution and most times the prof mechanic with his/her tools can diagnose the problem far better than me and make the PROPER repairs.

    When NO ONE INTERVENES—NOT EVER, this is what happens with an already angry-rageful person is over using powerful central nervous system depressants(alcohol) in combination with very powerful central nervous system stimulants(cocaine)! This is a very predictable outcome, I was not surprised at all! Others have stated the same! Shocked that he “murdered” his gfriend. Not surprised….

    I ran a Cocaine-Specific Drug Treatment Program for 10 years. We had the highest recovery rate of any programs in the State of Florida (@ 63-67% clean for 2 years) with our 100-110 day residential program….For 95% of those clients, it was the 40th to 50th days clean that their heads and brains began to function in a more normal fashion and the “desire to be clean and stay clean” started to become a self-supported ideology…a dream…a maybe….a this time feels different…etc.

    “How can you fix the head you got with the head you got?!” Joe diNucci, CSRP Founder

    It takes @ 30-45 days for the human brain to stabilize initially. I can send you the scientific proof of this in a 4 page Time Magazine article/pictures (when we taught it in 1985-1996, it was a ‘theory’) from this past July, 2007!

    In closing… the alky another beer/cocktail if they ain;t ready…they’ll hit bottom…or die, gradually. Please Please Please! Intervene any way possible when you have someone on drugs…any drugs….prescription drugs (abusing)….”I N T E R V E N E” ! Get in the way of their using…call the cops…call the hot lines….call NA… something!

    Cause look what happens when we don’t!

    Geno Petriccam St Pete, FL 727..458..4230 (cell)

  3. OOoppppps—-too late 4 me—-lol

    Geno Petricca…st pete….727-458-4230

  4. Hello Geno,

    Thank you for the thought. I would however, have much preferred it if you had left these comments on my “About” page. (That is sort of the place for off-topic comments.) I could not move them, and didn’t really want to leave them to languish or delete them. ETA: I have replied to you via e-mail, since I’d rather keep things private. For those wondering, a family member fought addiction, they did get clean, but it was when I was a child. Obviously my understanding of how things work is outdated, and I see that now.

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