Decon and Factory Balls

These two games were part of Jay is GamesCasual Gameplay Design Competition 4

Some people think Decon is exactly like Boomshine.  I say it isn’t.  With Boomshine, you have to wait, and find the best spot to cause a long lasting chain reaction in order to clear the level.  With Decon, you must consider how the various obstacles affect ball movement overall, and be able to sense the patterns in pathing to best predict the spot to set off your charge.  There are inhibitors, repulsors, detainers, teleporters, and wormholes which alter the movement of the isotopes.  The later levels can be pretty difficult, and if you fail to neutralize the required number of isotopes, the level resets and randomizes.  (Each time you have to replay a level you get a different “map”.) 

Factory balls is a puzzle game, in which you must make certain balls to specification using paint and other items.  It’s really cute, some might say it is simple, but some of the puzzles in later levels require careful thought before you use a ball to attempt to make the required item.  You have a limited number of balls, there are enough that you can make some mistakes, but not too many.   

Here is a screenshot proving I won Decon.  I took it while the CGDC was still going on.  I’m still grumpy that Decon didn’t make it to the finals.  Hmph!

Won Decon


2 responses to “Decon and Factory Balls

  1. Factory ball is worth a play!

  2. so cool katk skyrider♥♥♥

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