Music, music, music!

I’ve had several songs lately on my “daily play list” lately.  In no particular order they are:

Kylie Minogue – Speakerphone  (Fan video, posted for the song.)  Very, very catchy hpynoriffs.  It is effervescent, the fizz in it is very nice.  I like the fuzz they put on the vocals too, and the subtle burbles.  I’m also fond of her song I Believe in You (The Scissor Sisters mix.) 

Ketsumeishi – Train  (The video has English subtitles.)  This song is somewhat wistful, and speaks of chasing down one’s dreams.  I love how the high synthesizer part manages to evoke old fashioned train whistles.  It is saying “Don’t lose hope, even though things aren’t going well, keep trying for your dreams.”  Thank you to the blogger who posted this a few days ago, I’m sorry I didn’t think to pull up your blog so I could comment and thank you directly. 

M.I.A. – Sunshowers  You can read about the artist, and an interpretation (accurate IMO) of her lyrics here and here.  I love the drums on this, and the chorus vocals!

Jamil Mustafa – It’s All Music  He doesn’t have a video for this song yet, but here is his MySpace profile with the song.  This is a great song, he’s really got talent.  This song will do just what he says “Get you out yo seat!”  I like that he’s marching to his own drummer, and going back to the true spirit of hip hop music.  There isn’t any violence in this song, it’s a feel good dance number.

Lady Sovereign9 to 5   and her 9 to 5 remix done with Ordinary Boys I don’t care about the aspersions people cast her way, that she’s “a chav” “low class” etc.  I think she’s talented, and funny.  She’s keeping her chin up, despite all the put downs heaped on her, which is a lot more than other people would do.  She’s also staying true to herself, and not letting her lable make her change her personal style.  I also like her Love Me or Hate Me.  (Yes, I do in fact see some of my own “Rawr, I’m little phear me!” attitude in her.)     

Pete Miser – Scent of a Robot  I love this, it’s a neat twist on the robot concept.  Very catchy hook, and unique idea.    I especially like what I call “the Morse Code synth riff” in this song.

Banco de Gaia – Kincajou and Last Train to Lhasa  I’ve loved Banco de Gaia’s work for some time.  I can’t help but to get up and move to express their songs. 

Kenan Dogulu – Cakkidi  If I recall the translation I looked up about this song correctly, it’s saying “Get on the dance floor and move your ass!”.  He’s Turkish.  This song is very catchy, try to stay in your seat and not tap in time to it or nod your head at the least. 

Paul McCartney – Dance Tonight  I love this song!  I don’t care if some find it annoying, I love to dance to it! 

Qkumba Zoo – The Child (Inside)  I love the philosophy in this song.  So many people grow up and forget how to play. 

(The Real) Tuesday Weld – Bathtime in Clerkenwell  I like this original mix of the song better than the altered version he put out later.  LOVE the clarinet part here, so jazzy!  Yummy!

Sparks The Rythm Thief  Very avant garde, almost voice and drum with heavy classical influences, orchestral.  It is spare, yet “full” if that makes sense.  (Go listen to the song and you’ll see what I mean.)  I love this video, and I love this song. 


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