New Blog Theme/Happy Holidays!

Yes, I am saying Happy Holidays.  Why?  Because New Year’s is within the same week as Christmas, not to mention all the other Holidays various people celebrate at this time.  I want to wish everyone Joy during whichever of the Holiday(s) they choose to celebrate in Winter.  *smile*  Here are the custom blog headers I made to use for this season.  They were made in Paint and Microsoft Picture It! believe it or not.  The one that is up right now was made using only fonts, the others were made using a combination of fonts, and “collage style” pastings of other graphics.  I am putting up the ones that are 760 by 190 that I made, mistakenly thinking that the Iceburgg theme used the same size of header.  It doesn’t.  It uses 760 by 150.  *sigh*  Anyway, enjoy the un-squished versions of the custom headers.  I’ll change them periodically this season.

This is the unsquished version of the one I am using right now with Iceburgg:


here is one alternate:


here is another:


this is the final one, I am not as fond of it, I might not use it. 


Also, here is my seasonal avatar as well. 


Here are two more headers I made while playing around today, they were made using fonts alone in Paint.




Here are some Winter themed headers I made today as well, using fonts and “collage” applications of other graphics in Microsoft Picture It!





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