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Have a Safe New Year’s Eve Everyone…

I hope you all have a Happy, and Safe New Year’s Eve, and a wonderful year-to-come.  Here is the header I made on a whim for New Year’s Eve/Day.  I made it using Paint, and Microsoft Picture It! 2000 to affix the bells, candle, and Celtic knot on the graphic “collage” style.  We’re going to have a peaceful New Year’s Eve, and toast each other with Ginger Ale, or perhaps some of that fizzy grape juice.  (This was up while I was using the Iceburgg theme.)   



A Baker’s Dozen of Virtual Paper Snowflakes!

I’ve made several flakes that I have decided to share, and I didn’t want to balloon out my previous post any more than it is so I am making a new post.  

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Virtual paper snowflakes at Popular Front’s Snowdays!

This site is quite fun, but you will find yourself caught up in making and improving your paper flake techniques.  I’ve been making snowflakes there for over a year

Here are some of mine.  (Or, you could try the search feature, and search KatK Kansas to pull up the flakes I have made, if the server doesn’t time out.  There are a *LOT* of them, these are a few of the ones I really like.) 

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 89, 10,

111213141516171819, 20,

21, 22, 23, 24, 25.

 Mouse over the falling flakes (they will be denoted as “Your Friend’s” as they fall) then mouse over the “+” sign in the upper right corner of the flake menu box to expand the flake to better admire it.  If the page doesn’t seem to want to load, leave it be and wait until you see it says “done”, then try to pull it up via your “visited pages history”.  The site seems really buggy today, it isn’t usually like this. 

I know my flakes aren’t the most intricate around, but I have fun making them.  This site has tips on how to make the more intricate flakes, as well as showcases for grand examples. 

Updating:  Here is my latest flake, and I got a screen cap of it too.  (Don’t have a printer atm.)  I’ll just add a few more screen caps to this post, in case people can’t pull up the Snowdays site. 

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