There aren’t words that can title this…

For those who have really examined my blog, you know I am a Voice for the murdered twenty two year old Tori Vienneau and her son, ten month old Dean Springstube.  (ETA: Cause I don’t believe in ramming things down people’s throats all the time, I’ve been using the “soft sell” tactic here, and working in other places, including in person to get word out.)  Dean was hanged by a noose from his crib.  The only viable suspect, Dennis Potts (Dean’s biological father, but not his True father) has finally been arrested (after more than a year of freedom) as of this morning.  Thank all that is Good, and Right, and Sacred in Creation!   

Here is a link to Steve Huff’s blog entry giving this news, it has links to the various online coverage about this case.  As you can see, he too doesn’t have a lot of words.  There aren’t really words that seem sufficient, except “Thank God, Justice isn’t defunct!”

Words for the Mother/Grandmother/Loved Ones of Tori and Dean: Dayna, I send my Love, and Prayers out to all of you there.  Take it easy on yourselves, rest, drink water, and pace yourself.  You can make it through this, if you gather your strength, and don’t overspend too early.  *HUG*   

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5 responses to “There aren’t words that can title this…

  1. thank you for your keeping us up to speed on this.

  2. Thank you Kat for being a voice for Tori and Dean and for being our friend. I think you know how much it means to us that you have been there for us on various sites, and now on this one as well. We are humbled by the fact that complete strangers came out and fought for these arrests with us, were the voices for Tori and Dean, and have become our friends in the process.
    Our angel babies are smiling down on all of us, and would thank you if they could, so I will for them. Thank you Kat, and all who have been with us on this journey to justice.
    God Bless,
    Roy and Dayna Herroz

  3. It is the least I can do, and my honor. How are you? *hug*

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