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Headers, yeah there’s more of ’em!

Ok, all right, I made some more headers.  I just enjoy making collages on the computer, no paper scraps to clean up!  All of these are for Cutline, and I used Microsoft Picture It! Express 2000 and Windows Paint to make them, and Irfanview to resize and sharpen them.  (This time I just used Paint to make the white template to put the collage bits onto.)

Here are the two Easter headers I made: 

 Cutline Easter

Cutline Easter 2

Here are two headers with flowers:

Cutline Flowers

Cutline Flowers 2


Thoughts and Prayers Sent To The Family and Friends of Tori and Dean

Today Tori would be eating cake, if she were here on Earth with us.  Not a lot I can say, nothing will bring them back.  (How I wish it were possible.)  But you all are in my prayers.  *COMFORT*  I’m there in Spirit with you.  Read more about them via the A Voice for Tori and Dean link, as well as the link directly under the A Voice for Tori and Dean banner.  Here is my previous entry about this. 



Pink Rose

 Blue Rose Stained Glass

More Music! (It’s been awhile…)

I really like Yael Naim’s style.  I especially love her song “New Soul” which many of you will be familiar with because it is in a TV commercial.  (Not sure which one, I don’t watch a lot of television, but I heard it on a commercial in a store the other day.)  Here is her MySpace page, for now it has New Soul on it.  Can you hear the Beatle’s influence in her song?  I can, I think it’s wonderful, it has charmed me.

This next song is proprietary to the site.  (I wrote to the company to inquire about the song, and got a reply back, this is how I know the song is proprietary.)  I found it by chance while looking up just what this “Himalayin Pink Salt” was I’d seen on Iron Chef America.  I’d like to try it someday, and the Goji Berries too.  Himalania.

Seal’s Amazing is quite catchy.  I’ve always liked him, some of his songs better than others.  Another favorite of mine by him is Crazy, and I like Alanis Morisette’s cover of the song also. 

I’ll post a link to The Eurythmics’ Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)  this is a favorite song going back to childhood for me.  Have you ever read what eurhythmics is?  To quote an excerpt from Wikipedia:

 Eurhythmics (also Rhythmic Gymnastics, Rhythmics) is an approach to the education of music that was devised by Emile Jaques-Dalcroze. This method utilizes the expression of physical movement and musical rhythms to reinforce the concepts which affect the student’s performance and retention of musical basics.

Neat, eh?  Another favorite song by them (there are lots of songs by this group that I love, and also by Annie Lennox solo) is Here Comes The Rain Again

I’ll probably come back later and add some more songs to this, below this sentence. 

On a whim I made a header for St. Patrick’s Day

Once again, I made this using Microsoft Picture It! 2000, and Win XP Paint.  I was using Cutline when I used this theme:


I also found the place where you can make your own M&M avatar and played around there.  Here are some Spring themed ones I made to represent myself.

Green MM

Green MM2