Headers, yeah there’s more of ’em!

Ok, all right, I made some more headers.  I just enjoy making collages on the computer, no paper scraps to clean up!  All of these are for Cutline, and I used Microsoft Picture It! Express 2000 and Windows Paint to make them, and Irfanview to resize and sharpen them.  (This time I just used Paint to make the white template to put the collage bits onto.)

Here are the two Easter headers I made: 

 Cutline Easter

Cutline Easter 2

Here are two headers with flowers:

Cutline Flowers

Cutline Flowers 2


4 responses to “Headers, yeah there’s more of ’em!

  1. They’re all pretty! I think I like the third one the best though.

  2. Yeah, I really like that one too, and will use it as well. *smile*

  3. I put the third header up now, I think it fits well.

  4. KATKMEANDERS… this is Diane Waid.. will you please email me I would like to speak to you. I was unable to find an email address on you. thank you so much.

    ETA: Took out e-mail from comment itself, I can see it in commentor’s info. *smile*

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