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The Ever Changing Kansas Sky

Here are various pictures I have taken this month at differing places.  I got this first one on June 13, 2008 while out getting other photos.  (The same day I got the pictures of the cardinal and turtle.)

I took these pictures of the blue sky and clouds through an old oak tree on June 15, 2008.  (The same day I got the catepillar pictures.) I used one of these images for my new header also.

I got this golden sunset picture on June 16, 2008, the same day I got the cloud picture you see on my “A Voice for Tori Vienneau and Dean Springstube” page.

I got these moon pictures during the Summer Solstice (June 18, 2008 ) and after midnight on June 19th.  (My camera wants more light for night landscapes. *wry*)  The pale glowing photo seen through the trees is the picture I got after midnight.


Er, what?!

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Night Fountain Reflections

Here are pictures of the fountain reflections I took.  I liked how the reflections changed moment by moment, not only the colors, but the water surface as the fountain switched from spraying a fine mist, to not.  (I am experimenting with using the “More/Split” feature on WordPress.  Please let me know if you see the whole post, or part of it with a “More” link? Thank you.)  ETA: There are photos of the full fountain to be seen here


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Night Fountain

These pictures were taken at about ten PM on June 14th 2008, in Independence Kansas, at the Ralph Mitchell Park and Zoo.  I didn’t take many of the whole fountain, because cars were going by frequently, and there were street lights, and I didn’t like how it looked on the camera display.  ETA: When you are done looking these photos over, go look at the pictures of the fountain’s reflections I got over here.  *smile*


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Wildlife photos (Some of it wilder than others.)

Here are various photos I’ve been taking over the past several days. 

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A Nurse’s Sensory Jar

I was passing by my Doctor’s nurse’s desk (shelf? station?) when I was struck by this big glass vase she had there. I thought at first it was an ornamental display of some kind it was so colorful, and I paused to look at it. Then she said “Oh, that’s my jar, I save the lids from vials and syringes and toss ’em in there. I love to run my fingers though it.”  I had to grin at that, because I’d just suppressed the urge to stick my hand in there and let the pieces trickle through my fingers.  I bet it makes a neat sound too.

(ETA: This photo was taken June 12, 2008. )

Elk City Resevoir after the rains.

We went hiking on June 4th, in the early morning.   I’d been trying to photograph the cats the day before, so *blush* I ran out of batteries before I ran out of trail.   (Newbie mistake!  lol)  So, I didn’t get a picture of the BIG lizard (at least a foot long, including tail) we saw near the end of our hike. (It *had* to have been someone’s pet, it didn’t look native at all!) You should have seen the Mr. scrambling after it trying to apprehend it.  (He was going to take it by the pet store, that’s how convinced he was it wasn’t native.  I agree.)  Nor did I get a picture of the yellow swallowtail at least the size of my hand that was on the bushes planted to ornament the area where you park your car to go hiking from the top of the Memorial Overlook Mound. *mourn* The other lizard we saw was way too fast. I think it was a skink of some kind, it had tannish stripes, and darker stripes. Got new batteries, now, if the rain would stay away long enough we can give it another try. *grin*   (Don’t miss the second half of this batch of photos, here.) 

ETA: ROFL!  I see!  I put the entries up in the wrong order originally.  So, I just did a switcheroo, copying and pasting so the pictures would show in the proper order from top to bottom.  Anyway, er, so this entry’s URL is titled as though it were the other.  Heh…

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