Elk City Resevoir at Dusk 2

Here are the rest of the pictures I took at sunset.  Previous posts can be found here, and here




























5 responses to “Elk City Resevoir at Dusk 2

  1. Those cloud photos are awesome! New cameras are so much fun.

  2. Thanks! The clouds really were spectacular that day. I felt rather daring in a way, taking pictures while the thunder rumbled and grew closer. The storm wasn’t moving too quickly for most of the duration of my “take-my-camera-through-its-paces” quest, so I wasn’t too worried. The tree that looks like it is drawn with colored pencils, and the images after it were taken down by the resevoir’s floodgates, and small intermittant drops of rain were coming down. (Adding: For some reason the camera didn’t want to focus very well on the tree. It didn’t seem that far away to me, just across the cement channel for the resevoir floodgates. It looked grainer to me with the digital zoom engaged, so I just used normal zoom for one image.) I knew we had to get in the car and on the road in minutes then. The storm was a gully washer, but we were safely in the car and in town (Er, Independence where we had errands to run.) by the time it got up to speed.

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  4. Your photos look good on WordPress!

  5. Wow, these are nice pictures. I love nature and all its beauty. You sure live in a pretty area!

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