New blog headers?

I made some headers from the recent photographs I took, for the Cutline theme.  (Their full size is 770 by 140 pixels, which is what the Cutline theme requires.)  You can read the entries here, here, and here in the order the photos were taken in.  But I’m not sure if they would best suit this blog.  What do you think, keep what I have for now, use one of these, or make another header from a different picture or another collage?  ETA: Ok, the images aren’t wanting to display for me now.  I cut down the number of entries per page to 10 from 20, and it is still having fits.  O_o   o_O  *eek*  Can you all see things correctly?  ETA2: Ok, cutting it down futher yet, to 5 entries per page maybe is fixing things.  ETA3: Or….not.  *sigh* bleh




Ok, here are some slightly altered headers, some with different font, some with different text placement.  But, to be honest, I don’t like the text in the lower right hand corner on the bird images very much.  The branch affects the legibility of the text, IMO.  I did try the text there when making them, and I figure you just sort of have to see how it looks to understand why I put it where I did.  *smile*




13 responses to “New blog headers?

  1. I really like the second and fourth options here, it seems the bird itself is saying hello.

  2. Thank you. *smile* That little bird was hard to get any pictures of at all. It was in near-constant motion. I was amazed when looking at the pictures that somehow it was in almost the exact same pose in both the pictures I got. It was twitchy, and it hopped in small turns, looking all around and singing too. I hope it ate a *LOT* of mosquitos!

  3. I love the 3rd and the 6th

  4. I love the 3rd and the last header, cannot make my mind up of which one I like the best.
    Awesome photos KatK, even the photos you took with the disposable camera are really good.

  5. good work!
    my faves are the 1st & 4th because of the interesting contrasts. I would like to see it done in another font, possibly all lower case palatino linotype or garamond, but definitely moved to bottom right corner.
    i’m a shutterbug too having fun with digital manipulation. it’s a great artistic expression outlet!

  6. Check out the other “custom header” entries to get an idea of what I have used in the past. For example, the collage work I have up right now. *smile*

  7. 3, 5 & 6 for me KakK. Love the dramatic impact of 5 & 6.3 has a lovely warm glow to it but a different font would be better I think.

  8. I’ll have to look at my fonts. I don’t like fonts that don’t have an actual capital “H” though. (If the text requires a capital “H”, that is.) That’s why I chose that font.

  9. I like the 2nd and 3rd but think the text should be on the lower right. What beautiful pictures, I just loooove nature, too!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. I like 2 and 6 Kat!

  11. now i like both 2 & 3.

    i really like hello being moved to the bottom. & the font feels much friendlier than in the 1st set.

    because there is less contrast between picture & script i think # 2 is my favorite.
    the softness allows my eye to sorta float me up into the tree to get a closer look at the branches & bird’s sillouette …. then i take in the subtle ‘hello’.

    the relaxed feeling or ease i can associate with meandering.

    BUT, with the digital camera, you’ll soon realize that creatitivity is infinite & thank goodness, affordable! i bet you’ll be changing this site often. good luck!

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