New camera!!!

I managed to get a new camera.    It is a Nikon Coolpix L16, and I am almost fully morphed into a shutterbug, much to the cats’ dismay.  *grin*  I have yet to coax them to make pretty faces even during the flash, but I bet I’ll find a way.  *ponders new ways to capture the moggies in picture format*  I’ll be making several entries with images, probably in backwards order, come to think of it, so you can scroll and see the images in the order I took them in.  ETA: This is my first digicam, by the way.  I’ve taken pictures with the old cartridge cameras, 35mm cameras, (some) those little keychain cameras that were only as big as the film cartridge but took amazingly good photos, and disposable cameras.  Almost never a digital camera, maybe three times someone has handed me their digicam and asked me to photograph them.  (Probably because I am short, and they want the picture taken more straight on, I’d suppose.)  So, yeah, I’m thrilled. 


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