Elk City Resevoir after the rains.

We went hiking on June 4th, in the early morning.   I’d been trying to photograph the cats the day before, so *blush* I ran out of batteries before I ran out of trail.   (Newbie mistake!  lol)  So, I didn’t get a picture of the BIG lizard (at least a foot long, including tail) we saw near the end of our hike. (It *had* to have been someone’s pet, it didn’t look native at all!) You should have seen the Mr. scrambling after it trying to apprehend it.  (He was going to take it by the pet store, that’s how convinced he was it wasn’t native.  I agree.)  Nor did I get a picture of the yellow swallowtail at least the size of my hand that was on the bushes planted to ornament the area where you park your car to go hiking from the top of the Memorial Overlook Mound. *mourn* The other lizard we saw was way too fast. I think it was a skink of some kind, it had tannish stripes, and darker stripes. Got new batteries, now, if the rain would stay away long enough we can give it another try. *grin*   (Don’t miss the second half of this batch of photos, here.) 

ETA: ROFL!  I see!  I put the entries up in the wrong order originally.  So, I just did a switcheroo, copying and pasting so the pictures would show in the proper order from top to bottom.  Anyway, er, so this entry’s URL is titled as though it were the other.  Heh…


These photographs are of the same tree, from ground to crown.  I’m trying to show you how high the Mound rises.   The image above shows what I saw when I looked straight out from where I was standing.



I took several pictures of cloud shadows this time, a different take on what is going on in the sky. 








This little mushroom even had a rough texture, like those old plastic buttons they used to use.  I thought it was pretty.    



I liked the texture on this tree root.  See the moss too? 




 I think this is the same plant I photographed previously on a ledge.  What a difference some rain and different lighting can make!


More cloud shadows.  They really drew the eye that day. 



Two dragonflies (below) see them?  (Upper right quadrant, trace the curve of the treetop, look above it.)  They never landed, so all we managed to get was them in motion.  (I took the picture with two dragonflies.)


Upper right hand corner below, see the dragonfly? (D took this picture.)


Flutterby! (The Mr. got this picture, he was trying to photograph a dragonfly in flight and was closer, and wanted to see how well he could do at photographing it, so he did.)     


 Butterfly!  The Mr. got this picture too.    


 I got this picture.  That butterfly lingered for a bit. 

I liked how starkly that dead tree stood out.    


 Nature made lace!



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