Elk City Resevoir after the rains part 2.

Here are the rest of the photos.  Making these entries in reverse order again, so you can scroll from top to bottom of my blog, and see the images in the order they were taken in.  *smile*  The first pictures are the crevice you must scramble down in order to continue on the trail.  (Here is the first part of this batch of photos.)  Again, this entry’s URL is incorrect, go by the title, and order it appears on the blog.  *BLUSH*






This thing looked like juniper needles at first, then I registered it was moving.  The Mr. was carrying the camera for me while I got down.  I let out a shriek.  *blush* (Only because I *almost* put my hand on it.)  He took this picture.  


It was longer than my hand!  (I took this picture.) (My hand is about six and a half inches from palm to index fingertip in length.  The Mr. guesstimates it at about ten inches long.)      

 Wow, which is the front, and which the back.  Is it coming or going?  (Moving upwards in the picture I took below.)   

The Mr. took the picture below also.   (So, the first and last pictures of the centipede were not taken by me.) 


Looking up the crevice leading down to the rest of the intermediate trail. 




 I liked the moss on this tree, such a pretty color.   

This flower was actually a pale lavender, but the bright sunlight washed out almost all the purple color.  I couldn’t fix the image without making the greens look wrong, so I left it be.  




They hadn’t done trail maintaince in a bit, this was growing on the trail.  (But it had rained a *LOT* too, stuff grows fast!)  

A snail shell.  


 Smaller than a dime! 

Some kind of beetle. 



Sweet little froggy!  Eat *lots* of mosquitos please?   

A different frog, from the one above.   

Well hidden, eh? 

Wonder if I know its song? 



4 responses to “Elk City Resevoir after the rains part 2.

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  2. Good show! I go a special kick out of the millipede! What a huge one!

  3. *nod* I was rather glad the park ranger wasn’t about at the time. Even though he wouldn’t have wanted to put his hand right on the thing either. We did pass some young teens who were practicing rappelling down the rocks later on though. But there was enough time between when I let out the yelp of surprise and when they probably got there that they wouldn’t have heard it either. I think the Mr. took the picture in a “Look what made my wife scream like a little girl, heheheh!” fit of glee. *wry* (Even as he exclaimed and admitted he wouldn’t want to put his hand on it either.)

  4. In the next to the last and last pics, there is a bit of an optical illusion going on and it looks like a puppy face is peering out to the right and slightly lower than the frog. Just half of a puppy face, right eye and nose. Neat!

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