A Nurse’s Sensory Jar

I was passing by my Doctor’s nurse’s desk (shelf? station?) when I was struck by this big glass vase she had there. I thought at first it was an ornamental display of some kind it was so colorful, and I paused to look at it. Then she said “Oh, that’s my jar, I save the lids from vials and syringes and toss ’em in there. I love to run my fingers though it.”  I had to grin at that, because I’d just suppressed the urge to stick my hand in there and let the pieces trickle through my fingers.  I bet it makes a neat sound too.

(ETA: This photo was taken June 12, 2008. )


2 responses to “A Nurse’s Sensory Jar

  1. That’s pretty cool. I thought they were colorful buttons!

    I have a jar with different color sea glass and marbles, etc. It’s so pretty until it gets dusty. **sigh** I’ll have to show you the pics I took of it one day.

    I’ll be back later tonight!


  2. Very cool!

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