Night Fountain Reflections

Here are pictures of the fountain reflections I took.  I liked how the reflections changed moment by moment, not only the colors, but the water surface as the fountain switched from spraying a fine mist, to not.  (I am experimenting with using the “More/Split” feature on WordPress.  Please let me know if you see the whole post, or part of it with a “More” link? Thank you.)  ETA: There are photos of the full fountain to be seen here


These photos were taken at about ten PM on June 14th 2008, in Independence Kansas, at the Ralph Mitchell Park and Zoo.















This last photo was taken on June 13th 2008, while I was out getting other photos.  It’s the Mr’s shadow/reflection, I fondly refer to him as “giant” because he’s a foot taller than I am.  Er, and the reflection is on running water, rain runoff on a road.





5 responses to “Night Fountain Reflections

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  2. Interesting colors and textures!

    The first part of your post (down to the ETA sentence) displays when I open your site, followed by “Keep reading” and when clicked on then the whole post opens.

  3. A belated “Thank you!” *smile*

  4. richard kayser

    these are wonderful. thanxs for taking the time to let us in on your fun.

  5. I really like that last one! Contest worthy art, for sure!

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