Wildlife photos (Some of it wilder than others.)

Here are various photos I’ve been taking over the past several days. 

These were taken on June 12th, 2008.  They are of a neighbor’s “outdoor” cat.  She comes to us for the affection she craves.  As you can see, she was “wiggly”. 





This bird was sitting with its back to the sun singing away.  The light was so bright I could hardly tell if I was actually getting the bird in the picture or not, I couldn’t see anything on my camera’s display screen. 

Look at how brilliant that cardinal is against the blue of the sky!  I only had a chance to get one zoomed in picture, before it winged away. 



All of these (birds and turtle) were taken June 13th 2008, I was very glad I had my camera with me when we spied the big turtle in the well-traveled roadway.  I thought at first it was a painted box turtle, but it was a snapper!  Look at the moss on its shell!  The Mr. was brave enough to pick it up and move it away from the road, to a place where it could still sun, but people couldn’t run it over without hitting a pipe fence/gaurdrail.  The zoomed in pictures of the turtle pulled into its shell were taken after D moved the turtle to a safer spot.  Doesn’t it look grouchy?  I wasn’t as close as the photos imply either, I like all my fingers, thank you!   




(These were taken June 14th 2008.) I got these two photos of a neighborhood cat that is such a sweetie.  I think she sort of has owners, but she comes to us hungry, and wanting affection.  I wish she could find a loving, responsible home.  We cannot take her, we have enough cats, one more would mean “critical mass”.  *sigh* 

I got these catepillar photos on June 15th 2008.  I must have picked up the baby catepillar when I brushed against the plantain.  I noticed it in the car, and took pictures.  Only two came out, it was a twitchy little thing.  


 ETA: Whoops!  Forgot the last two pictures! *blush*


2 responses to “Wildlife photos (Some of it wilder than others.)

  1. Cool turtle! Glad you saved him!

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