Monthly Archives: August 2008


We just had our Inter-State Fair and Rodeo from August 9 to 17th.  (One of the fair days was rained out, so the rescheduled the events and extended the fair by a day.)  I got some pictures of a carousel at the carnival.  Some of the pictures are closer than others, because I’d wait for the children to be getting off, and photograph the empty “horses” being careful not to have any children in my shot.  I only had from when the carousel stopped, to when it started again to get my photos, and sometimes the “horse” I wanted a picture of wasn’t at the place where the fence was closer to the carousel.


Not for the faint of heart. (Or those with arachnophobia at the least.)

Here are various spider pictures I’ve gotten over the Summer.  Some were taken at night at Elk City Resevoir, using a hand crank LED flashlight to help with lighting.  Others were taken in the yard, or at Elk City during the day, I also got pictures of a *MONSTROUS* Wolf Spider and its prey at my FIL’s house.  (The spider wasn’t killed, the dowel rod is an attempt to show size. Its diameter is about the same as a AA battery, maybe bigger. That is a rather large cricket it has carried up the door.)  I will be merciful, and put the photos behind a “cut” so you won’t have to look unless you want to.  ETA: Forgot to put in several!  *BLUSH*

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