A New Way To Play

Here is a set I made on polyvore.  (A site where you can play with fashion and make your own outfits from items you can actually purchase online, if you can afford them.  Each set you make lists the items you used for others to see, and purchase if they want to.  Er, you can purchase *most* of the items in the sets, some of them you cannot.)  I am particularily proud of it.  I made it for the steampunk group.  I’d actually wear some of those outfits, if they would fit me properly and look good, and…I could afford them.  *sigh*  (Some of them would look really nice on me!)  Here is a wikipedia article about steampunk, and below the set you will find the group administrator’s parameters for the steampunk group.  (Did you know that calling cards are coming back into fashion, because of those who prefer to express themselves via Steampunk?  It is true.  Wish a recycling company of either cloth or paper would pounce on this…)
Can take you places...

Can take you places...

A Good Book By Lisariel (me) on polyvore.com.

Steampunk Group Parameters:

“Fashion Inspirations:
-Victorian fashion is the frame-work. Most tribal/ethnic wear is acceptable, as travel is a big feature of steampunk. Sci-fi and fantasy elements intermingle ….

-Brass & copper (rust, patina, verdigris), wood, leather, cogs, clockwork, old coins, keys, airships (zeppelins, blimps, pilots), submarines, hydraulics, stripes, tatters, compasses, maps, goggles (monocles, telescopes, binoculars), hats, fingerless gloves …

-Journeys to the far east, pirates, adventuring, inventors, time travel, engineers, …

-Abney Park, Atlantis, The City of Lost Children, Doctor Steel, Final Fantasy, FreakAngels, Girl Genius, The Golden Compass, Hellboy, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Lemony Snicket, Lighthouse (computer game), Sleepy Hollow, Tin Man, Wild Wild West, Van Helsing, Vernian Process, …”


One response to “A New Way To Play

  1. Those are simply beautiful designs, Katk! You have talent!

    Until now I was unaware of steampunk, but there is some very interesting and attractive styles there. I’m glad you featured it.

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