Hello, I tend to wander off on tangents, usually they relate to the topic at hand in some way.  I’m an artist, conservationist, cat lover, book lover, music lover, and geeky gamer chick. I take pictures of nature (particularily Elk City Resevoir) as I find it, with small exceptions like a coin to show scale.  The topics I write about will vary from day to day, so check back to see what’s on my mind today.  Often the things I mention least, are most important to me.  I feel after having said it once, the idea remains, and doesn’t need to be said again.  So, the catagory cloud can be deceptive on this blog.     

Please, put any off topic comments you might have on this page, not on my newest entry. Thank you. *smile*

Sorry,  no anonymous comments will be allowed.  So, if you didn’t see a comment go through this is why.  Also, I am only fluent in English.  If you do not comment in English I cannot know if it is polite, or rude, so I will not allow non-English comments.  Surely though, if you can read this you can manage a little bit in this language?  *smile* 

I love this lolcat!  Looks like it is saying “I don’t understand…”

lolcats and funny pictures

Found hereMoar funny pictures.


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  1. katk, the header looks great.

    (Edit: Took out e-mail, KK)

  2. What is with this Geno P about Wendy Dusca homicide? I cannot fined the back ground on this case. I enjoy your site and the links you found. thanxs!

  3. It’s about comments we made on another person’s blog, I had put my blog in the link, he followed the link to come correct me. He commented on my most recent post at the time. (Vanessa Mae) The murder was covered at Steve Huff’s blog, (The True Crime Weblog) go there and do a search for her name. I admit, what I knew as truth isn’t accurate anymore, and I admitted that to him in a private letter.

    See here for the blog.


    See here for the entry on the murder. The name is Wendy Dusza.


  4. thanxs i do remember seeing that entry now that i looked. i am new at this hold bloging thing. your site is one of a few i found that seen to make scent.

  5. Gah, there went my avatar! Bah!


    Here’s the avatar I want to use, for now.

    This is the one I had been using.

  6. Hi –

    (EDIT by KatK: Duplicate post, left so Askimet won’t bother the commentor.)

  7. Hi – I’ve run across your posts on Steve Huff’s and Websleuths blogs many times. I very rarely post anywhere – I posted in the Petit Murders thread (took me awhile to find it again given the refshuffling of Steve Huff’s various blogs) under “Matt” at http://truecrimemagazine.com/articles/513#comments

    Several weeks back, I was browsing Websleuths and I ran across your mention of Planescape: Torment which really took me back. It’s one of my top games of all time, the others being Vampire: Bloodlines, the two KOTOR titles, the Baldurs Gate series, and the Max Payne series. Sadly, Black Isle Games is no more, nor is Troika, although Bioware and Obsidian are still around. I’d actually tried to register with Websleuths at the time to drop you a comment to thank you for the mention of this often less-known and under-appreciated gem of a game, but for some reason my application was rejected and it’s probably just as well, since I very rarely post anyway and an active blog requires active bloggers to survive.

    Anyway, I’ve enjoyed reading your reasoned and intelligent posts when I’ve run across them (Seriously Searching on Websleuths is another whose posts I’ve enjoyed, although she seems to post there less frequently now I think). And thanks again for the reminder of a great game I rarely hear mentioned anymore.

  8. Heh – sorry for the double-post. The first didn’t show up initially for some reason when I refreshed the page. I did a decent job recreating it from memory, though 🙂

  9. Hi KatK, I was wondering if you ever figured out how to get your custom header image right in the mistylook. i’m using it and i’ve re-sized my custom header a zillion times and it still cuts it off, even when it’s supposedly sized appropriately. it works ok on my wordpress.com blog, but not my own domain (www.thesalerack.net) i see that you’re using a different theme now, so i’m guessing you got sick of trying to make it work? thanks for any help, nicole

    ETA: Took out link to advertising blog.

  10. nicole, yes, way back months ago when I was first pitching a fit about it, katm very kindly resized the header I wanted to use. Since then, I have found that headers for misty look that are *exactly* 760 by 190 pixels won’t be cut short. Be certain, to check what size header each theme uses via pulling up the “custom image header” option in your dashboard when you are using that theme. (That is the place that gives the correct information, the size of the template they offer for download for each theme, isn’t always the proper size for the theme.) I have also found, (the hard way) that the headers offered for download for some themes are the incorrect size. Cutline, my current theme uses headers that are 770 by 140 pixels in size. Good luck, I hope I helped. If you have a header this size, and it still isn’t working, go tell them in support, explain in detail that yes, you are using a header that is the proper size and it isn’t working. Take screen captures, and also maybe make a post showing what you want to use and link to them when you are explaining. I hope it isn’t a glitch though, and that it is just that the header template you downloaded was the wrong size. (I think the misty look header template for download is, isn’t it?)

  11. hey Kat!

    glad to hear that you are such a “shutterbug”! Pretty cool thats its work from a disposable camera!

  12. Before my most recent posts, yes, those were taken with a disposable camera. *points at her catagories* (Er, that’d be “Tags I Have Used”.) See? “Disposable Camera Pictures. *wink* All the pictures in that Slideshow are also disposable camera pictures. I’ve been using them for a long time, and can coax them to perform well for me usually.


  13. your pixs are wonderful – enjoy your work.

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