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New Headers for Spring 09!

Here are the headers I made for Spring.

Cutline Spring 09

Cutline Spring 09


Cutline Spring 09 2

Cutline Spring 09 3

Cutline Spring 09 3


New Header

Here are the two headers I made for this winter Holiday season.  They are digital collages, made using font and clip art in Microsoft Picture It! 2ooo, using Irfanview to resize them.  I hope you all are staying safe when venturing out, and warm!



New Blog Header!

This is the header I’m using for Fall/Thanksgiving 2008, for the Cutline theme.  I used a photo I took out at Elk City Reservoir, and some clip art graphics to make a digital collage using paint to make the initial green template, and Microsoft Picture It! 2000 to add and place things, including the text.


Alternate versions of number eight on my previous post.

Ok, here are some alternate versions of the custom header with the pink flowers, found in this post.  First, here it is with no ornament.  I think it is too bland this way.  


Here are the rest of them.  I played around with several styles of ornamentation via different fonts and font colors.  There are a lot of alternates, so if you don’t like one, scroll a bit more.  *wink*








 I really like this one with the leaves, below!





New blog headers?

I made some headers from the recent photographs I took, for the Cutline theme.  (Their full size is 770 by 140 pixels, which is what the Cutline theme requires.)  You can read the entries here, here, and here in the order the photos were taken in.  But I’m not sure if they would best suit this blog.  What do you think, keep what I have for now, use one of these, or make another header from a different picture or another collage?  ETA: Ok, the images aren’t wanting to display for me now.  I cut down the number of entries per page to 10 from 20, and it is still having fits.  O_o   o_O  *eek*  Can you all see things correctly?  ETA2: Ok, cutting it down futher yet, to 5 entries per page maybe is fixing things.  ETA3: Or….not.  *sigh* bleh




Ok, here are some slightly altered headers, some with different font, some with different text placement.  But, to be honest, I don’t like the text in the lower right hand corner on the bird images very much.  The branch affects the legibility of the text, IMO.  I did try the text there when making them, and I figure you just sort of have to see how it looks to understand why I put it where I did.  *smile*



Headers, yeah there’s more of ’em!

Ok, all right, I made some more headers.  I just enjoy making collages on the computer, no paper scraps to clean up!  All of these are for Cutline, and I used Microsoft Picture It! Express 2000 and Windows Paint to make them, and Irfanview to resize and sharpen them.  (This time I just used Paint to make the white template to put the collage bits onto.)

Here are the two Easter headers I made: 

 Cutline Easter

Cutline Easter 2

Here are two headers with flowers:

Cutline Flowers

Cutline Flowers 2

On a whim I made a header for St. Patrick’s Day

Once again, I made this using Microsoft Picture It! 2000, and Win XP Paint.  I was using Cutline when I used this theme:


I also found the place where you can make your own M&M avatar and played around there.  Here are some Spring themed ones I made to represent myself.

Green MM

Green MM2