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Spring in SE Kansas

The Mr. and I went on a hike at Elk City Resevoir, and I bought 2 disposable cameras to take pictures.  We took the intermediate trail, that is why you will see blue paint marks on trees in some pictures.  I am putting the pictures in the order they were taken that day, with a Kodak 800 speed Fun Camera.  (Disposable…) The only grump I have about those particular cameras is, you couldn’t choose to have the flash on or off, it always went off.  This made it so I had to edit (almost) every photo to put back the color and turn down the brightness so the pictures would look more like they did that day.  Most of them are right, one or two aren’t quite. 

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Pictures taken with a disposable camera

Here are some pictures I took of a September sunset, and some spiders in their web during the night. These spiders are cool, they build webs under trees, so that the wind will bring insects into them. We saw a web one night that used an ingenius method, a hanging leaf had been snared/tethered to hang freely and work as a counterweight because it was too far from the trunk to anchor to, and not close enough to the ground or anything else also.

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More pictures taken with a disposable camera

I took these photos last month of Dad’s flowers. Looking at them gave me mixed feelings. Sadness because before Dad wouldn’t ever let his garden get so overgrown, and I know some of his joy has gone out of it since Mom died. But I was also happy to see flowers growing despite the sadness.

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Cats, cats, cats!

Here is a slideshow of the various cats I have been a servant or friend to, past and present.  (ETA:  The pictures were all taken with disposable Kodak funsavers.  I don’t have a digital camera at the moment, and things like pets getting hit by a car keep coming up and straining the budget.)