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Ok, I’ll have mercy on the poor frantic searchers. TURQUOISE ROOM ESCAPE ALTERNATE LINKS!!!

I see that several people today have come to my blog searching for an alternate link to a game called Escape Turquoise Room.  Well, ok, here you go.  Here are two links to the game.  (Note, I tried both of these, and the links were good at the time I posted this.  I’ll check back from time to time to be sure the links stay good.)  This one is a blog entry that has a walkthrough in the comments.  (Or, probably does, there often are hints and walkthroughs on the comments to the game entries this blog has.  I didn’t peek, I want to try to solve it myself.)  This one is a direct link to the game.  I haven’t played it, yet.  (So, at some point I’ll edit this to give my review, when I get the fancy to play the game.  For now, I want to play 9Dragons.)  But, here are the links for ya.  Happy Day? 

ETA: Ok, I’ve played it.  First of all, take the note about the tape and WD40 seriously.  Read books and notes, and posters on walls for clues.  Examine everything, but put things back until you need the them.  Consider, that if something is moving and keeping you from taking something you suspect you need that “it shouldn’t be moving” and tape it.  (Keep clicking until you succeed.)  Consider also, that running water isn’t the only way to clean things, for example, we steam clean carpets don’t we?  Why not other things then?  Wrenches are multi-purpose tools, don’t be afraid to use one to get what you want, even if it means breaking things.  Lastly, this end game graphic should clue you in about something you might not have considered using (after a protective coating) to touch the door with, other than gloves, and protective footwear.  (Which you also need.)    

Escaped Turquoise Room!


Something Amiss

This is a flash game created to help capture interest for a book.  So far, there are 2 “chapters” of the game released, with the second being longer than the first.  They are escape the room type games, which I love.  The plot so far is interesting, it has definitely hooked me.  I want to know what is going on with the heroine! 

Chapter OneSpoilered Walkthroughs

Chapter TwoSpoilered Walkthroughs  Warning!  You need to have the password given to you at the end of chapter one in order to play chapter two, so write it down. 

Author’s Blog.

ETA: Chapter Three is in the works, and close to being done.  The author has a new job though, so he’s having to work on Chapter 3 during his spare time. 

The Crimson Room Series

I’ve been considering posting about these games for some time, by Fasco-cs games and Takagism. They have gotten better as they progress, in my opinion. In order they are The Crimson Room, this one has a bit of a pixel hunt, but it’s still a good game. The Viridian Room is better, and a bit wistful I think. The Blue Chamber is neat, and The White Chamber is too. How quickly can you escape? If you are really stuck, check the gamershood forums, or the Escape the Room Blog’s entries on the games for walkthroughs/hints.

A Very Nice Flash Adventure Game

I highly recommend trying Aquaria if you like adventure/puzzle games. (ETA:Alternate link here, if that link gives out, here is the Escape Games 24 entry on it.)    It’s truly a work of art. The symbols and surroundings are beautiful, and the puzzles are fun. I hope the creator continues this story soon, I eagerly await the next installment. If you get really, really stuck, you can consult this topic at the gamer’s hood forums for a clue or two. Have fun, and please post to share how you enjoyed the game too, if you are so inclined!