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The Beatles flashes etc.

The song in this flash by Melon is one of my favorite Beatles songs, “Come Together“. (It will endlessly loop if you let it, so will the other two.) Melon made 2 more flashes featuring Beatles songs, “Tomorrow Never Knows“, and “I Feel Fine“.

I think the idea behind Clown Staples’ Windows Noises” is quite clever. Here is an updated take on The Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star” by Estudios. “Internet Killed the Video Star“.

This is a very simple game, but it’s insidiously addictive. Falldown. (My most recent, rusty score is a paltry 53820…*hmph*) Defend your castle is mindless, but amusing. (It’s by XGen Studios, you can find it there, or at Albino Blackseep.) Drop is another mindless, but addictive game that I’m fond of, the music track is hypnotic.

ETA: Today October 22 2007, I got 70800 for a score on Falldown, that’s better! 

Falldown Score

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Ok, I freaked the Mr. out with this score on Defend Your Castle a while back.  Yes, my wrist hurt after this session. 

Defend Your Castle Score


Tiny Plaid Ninjas!

Tiny Plaid Ninjas

Tiny Plaid Ninjas 2

Tiny Plaid Ninjas 3

I love these guys! They’re funny! I wonder when, or if there will be new episodes? I first saw them at albinoblacksheep. I like the Cake Comfort Eagle flash by drewmo, as well as Gollum Rap  (Towers Are the Players) by Ned Evett and Paul Teharr. Pie Hole by Norboto is cool too. Play by dustball is ingenius.

I have loved Drum Machine by Tokyoplastic for some time. Here is their official site, with a newer version of Drum Machine on the current site, not the archive. (Their site is *very* interactive, just click things to make things happen and progress on page loading. to get the menu you want) I also recommend watching Opera Dude (Workshop -> click until you see a red eyed white cyclops creature, and launch it, it’s seven clicks. There is only one cyclops with a launch button. The odd flower is part of an ad they made for MTV Japan if I recall correctly.) and Music Box (Bits and Pieces -> Music Box) and otherwise poke around the site. The Tokyoplastic 1 -> gallery intro is pretty cool I think. Some of their ads are disturbing though, like the zune commercial they made. Just…*blinkety*