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My GW Monk “everyday” build

This is what I have found that works for me, for my casual PvE gaming sessions with friends.  I do have to focus when playing, but combined with my hero Tahlkora* I don’t have to do too much.  I have 12 in Healing Prayers,   13 in Divine Favor, 11 in Protection Prayers, and 8 in Smiting Prayers.  Nothing in my Secondary Attributes. 

Weapons: I usually use an Insightful Staff of Healing: +14 energy, 11 – 22 Fire damage, Halves Cast Time of Healing Prayers 20% Chance, Halves Recharge of Spells 20% Chance, +25 Health.  I also have The Yakslapper, Kepkhet’s Refuge, and Riseh’s Wand paired with Healing Ankh: +12 Energy, Halves Cast Time of Healing Prayers 20% Chance, Halves Recharge of Healing Prayers 20% Chance. 

The skills I default (Yes, I do load different skills when they are needed.) load are:

Heal Party – +78 Health (plus Divine favor bonus, ups it to over 100)

Healing Breeze –  +8 Health Regeneration for 15 seconds (plus Divine favor bonus)

Healing Seed – For 10 seconds, whenever target other ally takes damage, that ally and all adjacent allies gains 25 health. (Plus Divine favor bonus)

Mend Condition – Remove one Condition from target other ally. If a Condition is removed, that ally is healed for 53 Health.

Convert Hexes – Remove all hexes from target other ally. For 17 seconds, that ally gains +10 armor for each Necromancer hex that was removed.

Shield of Regeneration – For 11 seconds, target ally gains 8 Health Regeneration and 40 armor.

Resurrection Chant –  Resurrect target party member with up to your current health and 29% Energy.  This spell has half the normal range.  

Resurrection Signet

Tahlkora has: Heaven’s Delight, Aegis, Protective Spirit, Shield of Regeneration, Mend Condition, Remove Hex, Healing Breeze, Resurrection Chant.  She has The Wayward Wand (Protection Prayers) paired with Divine Symbol: +12 Energy, +5 Armor when over 50% health.

I’ll put up a screenshot of my Attributes Menu, which also shows my skill bar, and give details/names as to the skills that are loaded.  I’ll also put up a screenshot showing how I have set up Tahlkora to complement my build.   I’m bragging and putting the Dragon’s Throat screenshot up in this entry.  I am also putting in some screenshots taken during the Ring of Fire mission that I think are HILARIOUS!  (Because I can walk my Monk out into lava, and it won’t kill her, and she’s in tattoos, a coconut bra, and a loincloth, with a cape.)  I wasn’t worried a bit at my health dropping, because my Shield of Regeneration negated the burning.  Lastly, I will put in an image of my monk at level 13 in action, en route to do some quest or another.  (To show what I used before I got my nice elite skills. I need more, but I have a decent amount for how little I play.  I have 19/120 Canthan Elite skills, 13/141 Elonian Elite Skills, and 31/90 Tyrian Elite Skills.)  My Monk is Ascended and defeated the Lich King, Weh no Su and defeated Shiro. I’ve not gone very far into the Elonian storyline with my Monk, because I want to Master the Canthan missions before moving on.  (Either I’m not feeling up to playing lately, or my friends aren’t.  They are the only ones I will group with, I *HATE* PUGS! See definition one if you do not know what it means.)

*Note: When my friends and I did Vizunah Square as Tyrians, I didn’t have a Hero.  I was the sole healer for my group, and when the two groups met up I ended up keeping Master Togo alive also because the other group’s healer quit healing him.  I kept 10 characters alive through that mission!

My GW Monk Attributes:


My GW Monk’s Tahlkora Attributes:


Dragon’s Throat Number 3 slot July 30, 2006!


Ah, Lava Bath!  (That is Heal Other on my skill bar, for the record.) 




Out Questing at level 13.


ETA: Here are some images of my Monk in “dress” armor, Droknar’s Forge Sacred Armor dyed minty green, I think it was green plus silver dye before they changed the dye system, and took out dye remover.  (Which is runed, and infused just like my Monk’s tattoos are, for the record.)  I put it on when not doing missions or quests.  (Like when doing Holiday games/events.)  Yes, she still has tattoos on her feet.  I didn’t like the look of the sandals on the set, and I think it makes sense to leave tattoos peeking out.  Plus, the foot tattoo stats are better than the sandal stats (at the time I bought my Drok’s Forge armor sets) from the Sacred set, IMO.  Also, those are Droknar’s Forge Woven Handwraps, they are not part of the Sacred Set.  I love their look. 


Dress armor dance:


Dress armor dance 2:


(Yeah, didn’t hit shift while taking this SS, but getting that pose again is unlikely.)

ETA:  This is a screenshot showing friends having fun.  I get teased, but they love me.  I do get to have fun sometimes, like Lava Baths.  They’ll (the friends I play GW and other MMORPGs with) move around and pose pretty for me so I can take more screenshots for my “photo album” too. 



Here are my monk’s updated skills, now that I know they don’t level out past a certain point. The two points in Smiting Prayers are either from my weapon or head tattoo.  Earlier I was running a smite build.  In any case, they are not points I have spent. 



I’ve been tagged!

 I’ve been tagged by Our Descent Into Madness!  Here are the rules: 

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Seven Facts About Me:

1.  I play a monk (healer) on Guild Wars, (they say it takes a certain, patient quick thinking personality to be able to play a healer in MMORPGs well) and I prefer the non-flashy non-prestige Star Pattern tattoos (Last I knew, tattoos gave the most energy of all the armors available to my monk, with GW:EN that might have changed though.) from Droknar’s Forge over the prestige tattoos I have seen.  (The Dragon tattoos don’t look as good as the abstract star pattern, IMO.  And I love dragons!)  The Star Pattern tatts are cheaper, and have the same stats.  (I’d do more things off the net if there were anything here to do, the pen and paper Role Playing Gaming group I participated in is defunct.)  I own all the “Chapters” except Guild Wars: Eye of the North.

2.  I *LOVE* Deep Forest Mint chocolate bars, from the Endangered Species Chocolate company.  (But the health food store rarely has them anymore. *sad sigh*)  It is ethically traded chocolate, and it is *YUMMY*!  I love this company’s ethic too.

3.  I can play the recorder, (A Yamaha Soprano Baroque professional quality to be exact.)  and I’ve been known *blush* to play this song and play my recorder to the hypno-riff snythesizer melody, including the higher repeating bit.  I can also play the Fiddler on the Roof melody, and others, like Robert Miles’ Fable.

4.  I still climb trees, if given the chance to.

5.  I love to sit still, and watch quietly, whether it is people in a public place, or nature. 

6.  I actually like the “Numa Numa” song, (More properly known as Dragostea Din Tei) I am fond of the meaning of the lyrics, and I can sing the yodeling part. 

7.  When bored, I got to Project Gutenberg and read a classic book there, or visit Camden House’s The Complete Sherlock Holmes

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Below are some in-game screenshot images (two were taken on the character select screen) of my Guild Wars monk.  (They have a really neat dance, it’s a martial arts kata, quite beautiful.)  The tattoos are dyed purple, and the handwraps and gloves on the newbie armor were also dyed purple.  Obviously these were taken at different times, as my character gained levels.  She’s level 20 now, and Ascended.  I have yet to Master all of the Canthan missions with her, though.