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New Headers for Spring 09!

Here are the headers I made for Spring.

Cutline Spring 09

Cutline Spring 09


Cutline Spring 09 2

Cutline Spring 09 3

Cutline Spring 09 3


Mysterious Glow

This is a lantern I got for Christmas from the Mr.  I think it is quite beautiful, lit or unlit. D kindly held the lantern up so I could photograph it glowing in the sun.

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift)

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift)

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) 2

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) 2

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit 2

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit 2

New Header

Here are the two headers I made for this winter Holiday season.  They are digital collages, made using font and clip art in Microsoft Picture It! 2ooo, using Irfanview to resize them.  I hope you all are staying safe when venturing out, and warm!



Headers, yeah there’s more of ’em!

Ok, all right, I made some more headers.  I just enjoy making collages on the computer, no paper scraps to clean up!  All of these are for Cutline, and I used Microsoft Picture It! Express 2000 and Windows Paint to make them, and Irfanview to resize and sharpen them.  (This time I just used Paint to make the white template to put the collage bits onto.)

Here are the two Easter headers I made: 

 Cutline Easter

Cutline Easter 2

Here are two headers with flowers:

Cutline Flowers

Cutline Flowers 2

On a whim I made a header for St. Patrick’s Day

Once again, I made this using Microsoft Picture It! 2000, and Win XP Paint.  I was using Cutline when I used this theme:


I also found the place where you can make your own M&M avatar and played around there.  Here are some Spring themed ones I made to represent myself.

Green MM

Green MM2

New Blog Theme, More Headers

Here are some headers I made, for two different themes.  I used Windows XP Paint, Microsoft Picture It! 2000, and Irfanview to make, and size the collages.  This time I was able to put in the text using Microsoft Picture It! 2000, usually I have to do that in Paint.  We’ll see which theme I like best, with which header.  Each theme requires a different sized header, that is why I am specifying what header goes with which theme.

For Cutline:







For Misty Look:




Custom Header



Have a Safe New Year’s Eve Everyone…

I hope you all have a Happy, and Safe New Year’s Eve, and a wonderful year-to-come.  Here is the header I made on a whim for New Year’s Eve/Day.  I made it using Paint, and Microsoft Picture It! 2000 to affix the bells, candle, and Celtic knot on the graphic “collage” style.  We’re going to have a peaceful New Year’s Eve, and toast each other with Ginger Ale, or perhaps some of that fizzy grape juice.  (This was up while I was using the Iceburgg theme.)