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Night Fountain Reflections

Here are pictures of the fountain reflections I took.  I liked how the reflections changed moment by moment, not only the colors, but the water surface as the fountain switched from spraying a fine mist, to not.  (I am experimenting with using the “More/Split” feature on WordPress.  Please let me know if you see the whole post, or part of it with a “More” link? Thank you.)  ETA: There are photos of the full fountain to be seen here


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Night Fountain

These pictures were taken at about ten PM on June 14th 2008, in Independence Kansas, at the Ralph Mitchell Park and Zoo.  I didn’t take many of the whole fountain, because cars were going by frequently, and there were street lights, and I didn’t like how it looked on the camera display.  ETA: When you are done looking these photos over, go look at the pictures of the fountain’s reflections I got over here.  *smile*


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