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So, I’m a geek…

I found this site a little while back, and thought it was really neat.  I kind of want a little zeusaphone!  I found several videos on YouTube of twin solid state tesla coils producing music.  The ultimate electronica!  I sat there entranced watching these things, and about all I could muster to say was “That is *SO* COOOOL!!!”  It is fascinating to listen closely and hear how some of the buzzing notes in electronica and other music really aren’t too far off from controlled lightening.  (Which, those arcs sort of are in a way.) 

It is so neat to watch, but I wouldn’t dare be as near to them as I see the audience being in the video.  (Much less don that protective gear and stand near enough to let the arcs wash over me.  No thanks, I’ll watch from afar, crouched safely down, and taking care to not court misfortune.  I just know my luck with such things.  I’d skydive before I’d do that.)  I’m rather dangerprone.  I managed to give myself an audible, somewhat painful static shock FROM A COOKIE not that long ago.  I just know, that at the least my hair would end up looking like a Fraggle

What do you think of the musical lightning that are singing tesla coils?  Hard to find words at first, eh?