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Vanessa Mae

I’ve liked Vanessa Mae for some time.  Her passion is infectious.  Some discredit her because she isn’t afraid to be sexy, but they are forgetting she puts Classical music within reach of the common man.  She has found a way to reach people who wouldn’t ordinarily play Classical music.  I like her blending of classical and modern music styles.  I’ve found several of her videos at YouTube and will list them here.  Some of these videos I am listing soley for the music, not the videos themselves. 

Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue

Devil’s Trill  (I *love* the gown she wears in this!)

Storm  Her passion in this really shows, and she works the stage like a rock star. 

I’m Doun For Lack of Johnny   (She actually has a lovely voice.) 

Destiny   Rather techno, but still beautiful violin playing.  I like the fabric of her gown in this video, also.    

ETA this one: Classical Gas   I find the choreography the dancers did at her Royal Albert Hall concert (Both this video and Tocattoa and Fugue were recorded during that concert, her “Red Hot” tour.) to be odd cavorting.  I don’t find putting dancers into the production so odd, but why make the dancing so awkward?

Second “Edited to Add” this one as well:  Red Hot  That gown suits her, the color looks good on her. 

Laughing Buddha  Posted for the song. 

Danse Macabre    I am posting the link only for the song, I’ve never watched that anime, though when I looked it up it looked interesting and the song definitely fits the clips.

White Bird I posted this video for the song alone, (It had the Airscape mix I prefer.) when I read the comments I decided I didn’t want to see a plane wreck so I didn’t watch the video, only listened to the song.