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So, I’m a geek…

I found this site a little while back, and thought it was really neat.  I kind of want a little zeusaphone!  I found several videos on YouTube of twin solid state tesla coils producing music.  The ultimate electronica!  I sat there entranced watching these things, and about all I could muster to say was “That is *SO* COOOOL!!!”  It is fascinating to listen closely and hear how some of the buzzing notes in electronica and other music really aren’t too far off from controlled lightening.  (Which, those arcs sort of are in a way.) 

It is so neat to watch, but I wouldn’t dare be as near to them as I see the audience being in the video.  (Much less don that protective gear and stand near enough to let the arcs wash over me.  No thanks, I’ll watch from afar, crouched safely down, and taking care to not court misfortune.  I just know my luck with such things.  I’d skydive before I’d do that.)  I’m rather dangerprone.  I managed to give myself an audible, somewhat painful static shock FROM A COOKIE not that long ago.  I just know, that at the least my hair would end up looking like a Fraggle

What do you think of the musical lightning that are singing tesla coils?  Hard to find words at first, eh? 


Music, music, music!

I’ve had several songs lately on my “daily play list” lately.  In no particular order they are:

Kylie Minogue – Speakerphone  (Fan video, posted for the song.)  Very, very catchy hpynoriffs.  It is effervescent, the fizz in it is very nice.  I like the fuzz they put on the vocals too, and the subtle burbles.  I’m also fond of her song I Believe in You (The Scissor Sisters mix.) 

Ketsumeishi – Train  (The video has English subtitles.)  This song is somewhat wistful, and speaks of chasing down one’s dreams.  I love how the high synthesizer part manages to evoke old fashioned train whistles.  It is saying “Don’t lose hope, even though things aren’t going well, keep trying for your dreams.”  Thank you to the blogger who posted this a few days ago, I’m sorry I didn’t think to pull up your blog so I could comment and thank you directly. 

M.I.A. – Sunshowers  You can read about the artist, and an interpretation (accurate IMO) of her lyrics here and here.  I love the drums on this, and the chorus vocals!

Jamil Mustafa – It’s All Music  He doesn’t have a video for this song yet, but here is his MySpace profile with the song.  This is a great song, he’s really got talent.  This song will do just what he says “Get you out yo seat!”  I like that he’s marching to his own drummer, and going back to the true spirit of hip hop music.  There isn’t any violence in this song, it’s a feel good dance number.

Lady Sovereign9 to 5   and her 9 to 5 remix done with Ordinary Boys I don’t care about the aspersions people cast her way, that she’s “a chav” “low class” etc.  I think she’s talented, and funny.  She’s keeping her chin up, despite all the put downs heaped on her, which is a lot more than other people would do.  She’s also staying true to herself, and not letting her lable make her change her personal style.  I also like her Love Me or Hate Me.  (Yes, I do in fact see some of my own “Rawr, I’m little phear me!” attitude in her.)     

Pete Miser – Scent of a Robot  I love this, it’s a neat twist on the robot concept.  Very catchy hook, and unique idea.    I especially like what I call “the Morse Code synth riff” in this song.

Banco de Gaia – Kincajou and Last Train to Lhasa  I’ve loved Banco de Gaia’s work for some time.  I can’t help but to get up and move to express their songs. 

Kenan Dogulu – Cakkidi  If I recall the translation I looked up about this song correctly, it’s saying “Get on the dance floor and move your ass!”.  He’s Turkish.  This song is very catchy, try to stay in your seat and not tap in time to it or nod your head at the least. 

Paul McCartney – Dance Tonight  I love this song!  I don’t care if some find it annoying, I love to dance to it! 

Qkumba Zoo – The Child (Inside)  I love the philosophy in this song.  So many people grow up and forget how to play. 

(The Real) Tuesday Weld – Bathtime in Clerkenwell  I like this original mix of the song better than the altered version he put out later.  LOVE the clarinet part here, so jazzy!  Yummy!

Sparks The Rythm Thief  Very avant garde, almost voice and drum with heavy classical influences, orchestral.  It is spare, yet “full” if that makes sense.  (Go listen to the song and you’ll see what I mean.)  I love this video, and I love this song. 

Vanessa Mae

I’ve liked Vanessa Mae for some time.  Her passion is infectious.  Some discredit her because she isn’t afraid to be sexy, but they are forgetting she puts Classical music within reach of the common man.  She has found a way to reach people who wouldn’t ordinarily play Classical music.  I like her blending of classical and modern music styles.  I’ve found several of her videos at YouTube and will list them here.  Some of these videos I am listing soley for the music, not the videos themselves. 

Bach’s Tocatta and Fugue

Devil’s Trill  (I *love* the gown she wears in this!)

Storm  Her passion in this really shows, and she works the stage like a rock star. 

I’m Doun For Lack of Johnny   (She actually has a lovely voice.) 

Destiny   Rather techno, but still beautiful violin playing.  I like the fabric of her gown in this video, also.    

ETA this one: Classical Gas   I find the choreography the dancers did at her Royal Albert Hall concert (Both this video and Tocattoa and Fugue were recorded during that concert, her “Red Hot” tour.) to be odd cavorting.  I don’t find putting dancers into the production so odd, but why make the dancing so awkward?

Second “Edited to Add” this one as well:  Red Hot  That gown suits her, the color looks good on her. 

Laughing Buddha  Posted for the song. 

Danse Macabre    I am posting the link only for the song, I’ve never watched that anime, though when I looked it up it looked interesting and the song definitely fits the clips.

White Bird I posted this video for the song alone, (It had the Airscape mix I prefer.) when I read the comments I decided I didn’t want to see a plane wreck so I didn’t watch the video, only listened to the song. 

Recent songs I’ve been playing

I like Robyn’s “Be Mine”.  Here is a link to her MySpace page she doesn’t have that song up, but her “Handle Me” isn’t bad, and here is a link to her YouTube video.  I only just discovered the video, and I haven’t yet soaked in all the nuances in it. 

I like Sia’s “Buttons” but I’m not very fond of the video.  To me it’s a combination of planned ugliness and trying too hard to be funny in a weird way.  It’s just too much for me.  But the song is good. 

I really like Meiko’s “Reasons to Love You”.  It has the same dreamy quality (to me) as Ray Charles’ rendition of “What a Wonderful World” but it is from a younger viewpoint, and is more exhuberant.  The song is infectious, you can’t help but hum to it.  Here is a link to her MySpace page, where you can hear the song, or you can go to her official site, and listen to her whole album.  Other songs on the album that I like: Heard It All Before, Hiding, Sleep, Said and Done, (This song is quite good, but darker than Reasons to Love You.)  Walk By, (Another excellent song, she’s found her voice in this.  As a woman and an individual I mean.) and Under My Bed. 

Musical Interlude

Here is the latest cornucopia of songs I’ve been enjoying lately, in no particular order. 

KT Turnstall – Hold On  Wonderful jazzy voice, very catchy song, and thoughtful lyrics.  She said in an interview (paraphrasing) it was a nod to Bob Marley’s work. 

Alicia Keys – No One  I can’t decide which I like more in this song, the potent vocalizations, or the most excellent keyboards.  (I especially like the synthesizer riff that starts after about 35 seconds, and I love the music box piano melody.  Love the classical influences using the funky synthesizer also.)  This song has a delicious swing to it, as well. 

La Lupe El Carbonero and La Salve Plena   I saw a PBS special about her life and work.  She was a fascinating performer, and I don’t understand how some people could say she couldn’t sing.  She practiced Santeria for much of her life, and watching some of her performances you really wonder if she wasn’t in a trance and being moved by a Saint at times.  (I can understand enough Spanish to get a bit of the gist of the second song, and the PBS special played the first song with subtitles.)

Regina Spektor – Better  I’d heard and enjoyed this song some time ago, when I first discovered Regina Spektor’s whimsy.  This video is new.  (ETA: I love her dress in this.)  One of the things I like about Regina Spektor’s videos is, you find yourself watching them again to catch the nuances, and pondering just what it all means.  That’s art. 

Leann Rimes – What I Cannot Change  I love the cello in this.  This is a nice ballad.  Her style has matured a lot, she evokes emotion well. 

A song by an artist who goes by the name of Buddy has caught my ear.  For now, you can hear it on his MySpace page, Say A Lot.  I like the way he plays the guitar, and the song is wistful. 

 Finally, Beethoven’s Symphony #3, Eroica has been pleasantly playing for me at times, due to it’s mention in the flashgame Beethoven’s Hair. 

Check these songs out!

Here are several artists and their songs that have hit my ears just right lately, in no particular order.

Imogen Heap – Headlock  (Check out her whimsical petticoat in this video.)

Regina Spektor – US  (I love her suit in this, and her shoes/hose!)

Amy Winehouse – Back to Black

KT Turnstall – Suddenly I See

Renee Olstead – Is You Is, Or Is You Ain’t My Baby? 

The song from The Best of Ya Salaam played on this Sadie Bellydance video.  Wish I knew the name of the song. 


I was thinking back to how I’d learned to play piano as a kid. I was sort of “self taught” and sort of had lessons. Mom showed me the basics, and would mentor me from time to time, but largely I just cracked open one of the various piano lesson books we had and worked on mastering the pieces. That was an excellent purchase, I don’t even remember who bought the books, but I offer grateful thanks. They were at a garage sale held by the relatives of a retired piano teacher neighbor who had passed away. Anyway, mom had a book of various pieces that were more difficult than the lessons that I’d try. I was able to play the piece in this YouTube video. I did my fingerwork as well, but my pedalwork was better IMO. I couldn’t do the variations of this compostion, just the first part which is played in the video. I could play other pieces as well. I would like to take up piano again, some day. I had gotten to the point where I wasn’t too bad, though I knew I wasn’t exceptional. I played for the love of making music.

J.S. Bach’s Well Tempered Clavichord