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Er, what?!

Why are the fonts on my entries and sidebar not displaying as they should?!!  Buh?!



If you aren’t a spammer, and commented on my blog somewhere and don’t see your post it isn’t because I didn’t let it through.  Askimet says it has protected me from one more spam than it is showing me.  If you aren’t a spammer, try reposting your comment (without links, give pointers on how to find the site instead) and let’s hope Askimet doesn’t mark it again.  ETA:  Make that 2 posts the spam filter is not showing me.  *sad*  I don’t know what to do about this either.  It is a known bug.  I suppose I’d better report it when I can.  ETA2: Make that 3 posts the spam filter isn’t showing me.  Bleh!