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New Headers for Spring 09!

Here are the headers I made for Spring.

Cutline Spring 09

Cutline Spring 09


Cutline Spring 09 2

Cutline Spring 09 3

Cutline Spring 09 3


Mysterious Glow

This is a lantern I got for Christmas from the Mr.  I think it is quite beautiful, lit or unlit. D kindly held the lantern up so I could photograph it glowing in the sun.

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift)

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift)

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) 2

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) 2

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit 2

Teal Lantern (Christmas gift) lit 2

New Header

Here are the two headers I made for this winter Holiday season.  They are digital collages, made using font and clip art in Microsoft Picture It! 2ooo, using Irfanview to resize them.  I hope you all are staying safe when venturing out, and warm!



New Blog Header!

This is the header I’m using for Fall/Thanksgiving 2008, for the Cutline theme.  I used a photo I took out at Elk City Reservoir, and some clip art graphics to make a digital collage using paint to make the initial green template, and Microsoft Picture It! 2000 to add and place things, including the text.


Headers, yeah there’s more of ’em!

Ok, all right, I made some more headers.  I just enjoy making collages on the computer, no paper scraps to clean up!  All of these are for Cutline, and I used Microsoft Picture It! Express 2000 and Windows Paint to make them, and Irfanview to resize and sharpen them.  (This time I just used Paint to make the white template to put the collage bits onto.)

Here are the two Easter headers I made: 

 Cutline Easter

Cutline Easter 2

Here are two headers with flowers:

Cutline Flowers

Cutline Flowers 2

On a whim I made a header for St. Patrick’s Day

Once again, I made this using Microsoft Picture It! 2000, and Win XP Paint.  I was using Cutline when I used this theme:


I also found the place where you can make your own M&M avatar and played around there.  Here are some Spring themed ones I made to represent myself.

Green MM

Green MM2

New Blog Theme, More Headers

Here are some headers I made, for two different themes.  I used Windows XP Paint, Microsoft Picture It! 2000, and Irfanview to make, and size the collages.  This time I was able to put in the text using Microsoft Picture It! 2000, usually I have to do that in Paint.  We’ll see which theme I like best, with which header.  Each theme requires a different sized header, that is why I am specifying what header goes with which theme.

For Cutline:







For Misty Look:




Custom Header