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Max Mesiria RPG Chapters One and Two

 Max Mesiria RPG Chapter One   Alternate link

Max Mesiria RPG Chapter Two   Alternate link

This is charming game, an old time RPG type by Snailsanimation.  Chapter one can be a bit of a pain because you cannot save.  (You can however rest at times inbetween killing sprees to level up.)  Still I beat it, so can you.  Have patience and take every quest offered you.  With some experimentation you will find the best times to use your special skills, though conserving mana for later is often a good idea.  Do level grind also.  With the first chapter it will automatically advance you.  Still, there is a strategy in learning when to use your various skills, and when to hold back.  Explore every map fully, there are treasure chests to be found.  

You can save in the second chapter, the glowing blue spirals are save/heal points.  Check every barrel, (even ones with water in them) vase, or place that looks like loot could be hidden, even in people’s houses.  Do take the time to level up.  Buy armor upgrades, and healing items when you can.  It is wise explore each map fully.  Take every quest given to you, and be nice to people.    Sometimes you have to “unlock” via certain events an item you need before you can find it, also.  Talk to everyone you meet.  The cookie for my saved game is long ago deleted, so I will have to play through the game a bit more to recall what strategies I used.  I will update below later.   If you are really stuck, you can find hints and spoilers in the comments here, here, or here.  Please note, check these places in my entry first, (over ones suggested in comments) they are  quite helpful, I found.  I recommend them, over other places, in fact. The commentors answered the question I had about finding a key, quite nicely.  

I will update this if/when any future chapters are released.


The Dead Case and The Phone

I just remembered another flash game I had fun with some time ago, The Dead Case. ETA: Alternate link hereIt’s pretty self explanatory really. You must solve the mystery of your own death, while helping other lost, hapless souls along the way to win their cooperation. There is a FAQ for the game if you are really stuck. (ETA: look in the game itself, those hints are more than sufficient) Enjoy!

Another very simple, but neat game is The Phone. I like it. You have to find the next number to dial in order to progress to the next page, it’s hidden within the interactive page. Answer the phone to begin.